car accident 2

i think we can go home. how we can surf on pizza boxes. yay lets go. first we need a maplets go not yet we need food ok. lets go now now where home yay fainly home. Advertisements

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Car accident

One day I got in a car accident oh no I got into a accident. I went to the hospital.i’m ready to go home. We can’t go home why are boat sank.

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roblox pizzeria

hi i’m bones_78 i got a new job at a pizzeria. i’m the chef the deliverer is my friend i just moved in this is my house. i need to start working we serve lunch breakfast dinner and desert pizza one sausage pizza with bred sticks ok. shift over time to go to my boat to […]

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miitopia 3

today in miitopia my team split up. i found a feind it does 999 atak i’m on my other half on my team.

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miitopia part2

today in miitopia i got all of  my miis back from the dark lord i’m now level12 thief from the i was a thief. right now i’m in the dark lords castle right now. My great sister Janie.

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pokemon of the day

bulbasaur .01 seed Pokemonthis a bulbasaur  1 of 3 starter pokemon it has 2 more evolutions.02.  ivysaur the seed pokemon the evolution of bulbasaur it has one more evolution.venusaur the seed pokemon and the  final evolution of bulbasaur.

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